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Children's books
by Lulu & Tee

"I want our children to grow up with conservation in their bones, to know no other way!" - Lulu

Some very sad and shocking news:

Wally Petersen was stabbed to death, in his home, on Monday 31 October. A really grizzly end to a good man.
Wally is the main character in my book: Sam the Toad in the Hole. He was an eco-warrior who fought tirelessly to save the environment.
The rehabilitation of Skilpadsvlei, in an effort to save the Western Leopard Toad, was just the tip of the iceberg.
* He assisted in starting up Baboon Matters,
* he was the co-founder of Kommetjie Environmental Awareness Group, KEAG
* he quietly fought developments that impacted breeding grounds for seabirds,
* the list goes on and on, a lifetimes work.

We have Wally to thank for so much.

An outdoor memorial service was held in Kommetjie at The Kom, hundreds of people attended. He was dearly loved and will be sorely missed.

He is testament to the fact that one man really can make an enormous difference!

Owalla has arrived....

Excellent News:

iThemba helps raise awareness and funds

The Rhino Rhyme

Fantastic news ....
Nomination for Wetlands Award Suretha Dorse (City of Cape Town) and Wally Petersen (KEAG) have been jointly nominated for Wetlands Stewardship Award for the Skilpadsvlei Rehabilitation Project.
Congratulations Suretha and Wally .... so well deserved!

Very Bad News:
16/01/2010 - 300m Oil Slick suspected from the Treasure that sank in Y2K threatens Penguins for a second time. For full article click here .

Click here to see pictures from the original Treasure oil spill disaster

Very Sad News:
55 False Killer Whales beached themselves on Kommetjie Beach 30 May 2009,
there were no survivors - a tragedy indeed. Click here to see slideshow

Fantastic News:
SANCCOB released 84 penguins back into the wild - click here to see the full story

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Eric will help to save
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